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How to find the best framing : Alma Studio makes it their mission to choose the right point of view to best reveal their clients’ architecture projects.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Print design
  • Digital design

The concept (1)

Find your perfect framing.

Alma is a visual communication studio in the field of architecture. Founded by Nima Khaksar and Albin Doillon, Alma develops 3D images of future real estate projects and visionary architecture designs for their clients. Choosing the right angle to best present a building is a talent in itself, which is why we decided to put forward that very aspect of Alma’s business. “FIND YOUR PERFECT FRAMING”: by playing with scales and focal points, the frame becomes a graphic playing field; it’s all about finding the right one, then going even further.The studio’s logo integrates the very essence of the project: its founders. Two separate minds for one unique vision: ALbin + niMA = ALMA. Using the letter ‘A’, which both founders have in common and which symbolizes their shared aspirations, we chose to bring half of their names together to create a new unity.

Both a book and an object (2)

The portfolio as a tool, but not only for communication.

For every studio, presenting its past projects to potential clients is a crucial step that needs to be done with care. We imagined the Alma portfolio to be both a book and a collectible object, a true work of art both in its form and its content. Using the language of its target reader, its design is inspired by architecture tools: templates, rulers and ladders. The book can be illustrated and annotated at the reader’s will, transforming itself into a ready-to-use tool. Made of screen-printed and laser-cut plexiglass, it turns into the perfect gift, a pleasure to be enjoyed both visually and physically.

The calendar (3)

The entire year in different formats.

Because we wanted to take the new brand identity even further, we transformed the Alma Studio calendar into a toolkit explaining all the different formats. Its graphic design lists all the commonly used formats, becoming another object with a double utility: both a calendar and a reference sheet.

The website (4)

From the printed scale to the digital scale.

After coming up with the concept for the portfolio, we imagined the website to be an interactive playground: the images move and shift to find the right frame, the right perspective. The user can adjust the scale himself to find the one that suits best. The website also plays on architectural codes: it indicates the size of the browser window and the information details for each project: date, time and GPS coordinates of the different projects, which are 3D rendered.

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