How to celebrate the new year without forgetting the ones that came before: A luxury greeting card retracing the brand’s heritage.


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The concept (1)

A greeting card bridging the past and the future.

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Antalis asked us to come up with a concept for their new greeting card. Over the years, the brand has made its mark in the industry and has become a household name in the world of stationery. We immediately thought of telling the story of Antalis through paper, and only paper. Without using any ink and opting for embossing, we illustrated the journey of Antalis by creating a progressive engraving that mirrors its evolution. Paper takes the center stage, culminating at its apex in 2020.

The craftsmanship (2)

Luxury and paper: the importance of made-to-measure.

We worked hand in hand with our favorite printer, Atelier Bulk, to create these greeting cards. Their expertise allowed us to make the best use of Antalis paper: it was both embossed at different levels and hot-stamped.

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