How to create a real estate brand that follows the rhythm of the city: A total rebranding of an agency that has all the keys in hand.


  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Full Branding
  • Digital Design


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The naming (1)

The evolution of an agency: a new name for a new offer.

Formerly known as Capital Conseil, the agency approached us with a clear issue: their brand image no longer matched their high-end portfolio, their energy or their real estate vision. We worked together to establish a new creative strategy to fit their new needs. This led to the search for a new name, and that’s how real estate agency Desquartiers was born.

The concept (2)

Desquartiers, an agency that mirrors its city.

We translated Desquartiers’ capacity for evolution and adaptation into an interactive visual identity. Based on the idea of a connected map, this solution not only makes it a lot easier to find out where each property is located, but also creates a bold and recognizable graphic identity. We took the map, an invaluable tool for any estate agent on the go, and made it ours. Desquartiers becomes an agency that evolves at the same pace as its city. We printed out a 1:100,000 scale map of Paris, which was almost 4 meters long (13 ft). This map was cut up into a multitude of business cards to create unique objects: each card features the Desquartiers logo as well as the GPS coordinates of the location it depicts.

The agency (3)

Helping Desquartiers find its place in the real estate market and in the world.

The identity we developed was applied to the entire agency, in order to create a complete immersion within the universe of Desquartiers. This space becomes a key location on the map, a place where client and agent meet, where latitudes and longitudes cross, where you will find the property that suits you best.

The website (4)

An interactive interface based on a connected map.

The agency website was redesigned in order to enable users to visualize their property and the agency: we transformed the web interface into an interactive map. The entire navigation is based around this map, on which the agency’s properties are also indicated. The user can explore this map as well as plan his itinerary from his home to the agency. —


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