An open window into your new home: Discover Hibana’s innovative property solutions.


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The concept (1)

Putting the resident at the heart of the home.

Hibana builds new private homes that bring together textures, flow and perspective. In a real estate sector governed by projection and high value deals, Hibana is committed to focus on the resident, his desires and his imagination. This led us to imagine the concept of the Hibana window looking into the future home: we used the shape of the letter ‘H’ to create an opening, which becomes a space where imagination can run wild. An open window into your new home.

From the concept to the printed object (2)

An identity that comes to life in print.

The visual identity comes to life on all printed items, from headed paper to personalized business cards. Different printing techniques help accentuate the concept and show different treatments of the new visual universe, as demonstrated by the invitations. The Hibana open window allows us to focus on our surroundings. 

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