Leading Lights

How to put the spotlight on a visionary consulting agency: Creation of a visual identity based on the concept of light.


  • Brand strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Brand identity

The concept (1)

What the light reveals, the shadows create.

Leading Lights, a consulting agency specializing in workplace coaching, needed a visual identity that reflected its vision and expertise. We came up with a concept that would be able to shed light on its methods: revealing the issues that Leading Lights’ clients were faced with. The visual identity follows this concept: the typography is only visible in specific lighting. Depending on how you position your chosen source of light, different aspects are revealed: each angle gives a different perspective and the shadows create new shapes. This was a key part of Leading Lights’ philosophy: they offer a global and multifaceted approach to their clients.

Printed stationery (2)

Transparency and light.

When it came to translating Leading Lights’ new identity on different media, we wanted to take the concept further. What’s more explicit than the notion of transparency? The idea became possible thanks to materials that would let light filter through in two steps, in order to reveal here and there what exists within the company but is no longer visible for its leaders. This process created a cast shadow which symbolizes projection and anticipation, revealing a clear promise for the future.

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