Between heritage and innovation, Rimowa Alterations blurs the lines between human and computerized reverie — a visual exploration by Mathieu Maury & Feldman Studio.


  • Creative direction
  • Visual identity
  • Digital & Print

In collaboration with

  • Mathieu Maury

Computerized reverie (1)

Feeding the very essence of Rimowa's iconic luggage imagery to the machine.

Design always starts with functionality but when it comes to aesthetics, distinct or distant memories become subjective. As we witness the rise of artificial intelligence, the freedom of speech is not only an affair of the living, our memories last beyond travelling, beyond discovery. Rimowa's Alterations follow a path that transcends human perception of what design inspires us with. It is a breathing iteration of how machines can interpret creation on their own.

125 years of iconic designs (2)

An interpretation that disrupts the conviction that humankind is the only artist.

We fed our AI with thousands of pieces from the Rimowa archives with as many stories to tell. The complete "Creative Freedom" of this AI offers a never ending streak of reinterpretations of Rimowa's distinctive designs. Learning and processing each piece of Rimowa's imagery, the machine learned how to best render the true spirit of the legendary travel case maker.

Credits (3)

A visual exploration for RIMOWA
In collaboration with photographer Mathieu Maury
Copywriting by Romain Rosso Nonis
Web development by Nicolas Riciotti

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