An identity to get your head spinning. Ubiquity, the production company that deals with issues all around and places the best people to address them.


  • Creative direction
  • Brand identity
  • Print design
  • Digital design

The concept (1)

A production company that deals with the whole issue.

Ubiquity is a production company specializing in creating content for brands. Ubiquity reached out to us to redesign their identity as their current imagery no longer fitted the company’s DNA. Their global approach to project management and their capacity to anticipate issues inspired us to create an identity based on the notion of 360-degree vision. We translated this notion graphically by adding a 3D effect to the typography: a circle representing the entire client universe, capturing in its centre the name of the brand and the project. Using the circular shape is a way to illustrate Ubiquity’s complete investment in every detail and decision.

From the concept to the printed object (2)

An identity that comes to life in print.

Once the concept was defined, we wanted to play with it on different media in order to explore and experiment it, to see how far it could go (and also to have fun with it.) The Ubiquity business card was created by using lenticular printing (the images are printed with an illusion of depth) which allowed the 3D aspect of the logo to shine through. The logo evolves and changes depending on the medium.

Augmented stationery (3)

Paper at the service of the digital.

The design of the notecard references the world of film: its layout mirrors the frame of a camera. But we didn’t stop there: we created a filter that gives the Ubiquity logo a life of its own. It appears in 3D, as if it was stepping off the notecard. The idea was to use augmented reality to bring the printed experience into the digital world.

From print to digital (4)

An interactive website.

The online portfolio was redesigned along the same lines: we wanted to put the focus on the global aspect of Ubiquity’s project management. We played around with the circular shape for the typography: it holds in its center the names of the brands and projects, and moves with the user during browsing. The “Contact” section places you at the center of Ubiquity’s attention: the contact details are displayed using a 360-degree perspective.  — www.ubiquity.tv

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