One side reveals another. A virtual reality fashion show for a reversible clothing collection, or how to create an immersive campaign during a pandemic.


  • Creative Direction
  • Film Direction
  • Brand identity

The concept (1)

Reversible clothing, a crucial step towards conscious fashion.

How can we buy less but own more? This was the question that kept coming back to Parisian brand VICTORIA/TOMAS. Reflecting on fashion’s fast pace, the designers decided to write a new chapter for VICTORIA/TOMAS. Reversible clothing revealed itself to be a necessity. One item of clothing, two different stories. We were inspired by V/T’s approach and wanted to translate it graphically: one logo, two typographies. The idea was to blend two graphic universes into one same logo, brought together by one central element: the slash. A symbol of the bridge between the minds of Victoria and Tomas.

The campaign (2)

Stepping into the designers’ world through a digital show.

Because of the situation, the brand couldn’t organize a physical presentation for the collection. In search of a deeper meaning, we decided to approach the context differently: more than just an alternative, a digital show became the perfect way to illustrate the concept of duality. Our idea was to create a trip through the universe of Victoria/Tomas to illustrate their new collection and their vision. By projecting images simultaneously via a virtual reality headset, the concept of reversible clothing became immediately clear. The same idea was developed for the lookbook, in which models are seen in movement, walking towards each other: they wear the same clothing, but tell two very different stories.

Photographer : Arthur Delloye

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